there is so much to this and it kills me every time

i need to shave my entire body imho(in my humbel opinyin)



@DarkMatterRage rant on academic culture & how it influences organizing.

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this is my favorite video of the year so far

looks like the devil won this round folks

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broadripple is burning - margot and the nuclear so and so’s

and i’m wasted, you can taste it
don’t look at me that way
'cause i'll be hanging from a rope
i will haunt you like a ghost


have you seen this


Moondust is a 1983 generative music video game created for the Commodore 64 by virtual reality pioneer, Jaron Lanier. Moondust was programmed in 6502 assembly in 1982, and is widely considered the first art video game - Wikipedia

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he is a highway 
i drive along the spine 
and i pull over 
at the shoulder 
and flash my headlights in his eyes


listen to this

whew *sweats*

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"Thank You" by Dido

every friday is tropical tuesday

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frankie cosmos - on the lips (live at acrn)


i may have gotten like 30 overall hours of sleep this week but dam!b if i didnt drink enough water

after i made this post i slept for 10 hours woke up for 3 hours then slept for 12 more hours. also i’m sick & it feels like december